Effect.ai – Translation Campaign 2018-01-31T16:56:47+00:00

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Bounty Available: 1,950,000 Effect tokens – Up to $111,150

Earn EFX by translating documents for the Effect.ai crowdsale

The Effect.ai Translation Bounty will run from Now  –  20th April.
Campaign is available to highly skilled translators with prior experience only.
Confirm all work with our bounty team in Bounty Telegram before starting.
We will provide all documents needed.

Tasks Available
Light Paper – 10 Days time limit
30 stakes – (Must be completed first)

ANN Thread – 3 Days time limit, Jr member minimum
20 stakes – Threads must be updated twice a week minimum

+0-40 stakes – for thread activity

Website Translation – 2 Days time limit
10 stakes